Projektavimas ir gamyba

Design and production

We design and program from the electrical diagram to the production line. We are improving, expanding functionality.

Design and manufacturing in industry are important stages in the industrial process that allow the design and manufacture of various systems. These stages are important for both product quality and economic efficiency.


  1. Product concept: In the initial stage, the client's needs and goals are identified. An idea is created on how these needs can be implemented.
  2. Design: Engineers and designers develop the detailed design of products or systems, taking into account aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and the choice of materials used.
  3. Prototyping: Creating a prototype or model to test and improve a product or system before mass production.
  4. Engineering Design Details: Prepare technical diagrams, drawings and specifications to be used in the manufacturing phase.
  5. Quality Assurance: A quality control system is in place to ensure that the product meets the required standards.



  1. Materials Supply: Ensures that all required materials and components are available for production.
  2. Manufacturing Process: A product or system is produced, often using specialized equipment and technology. This can include mechanical assembly, electronic bonding, chemical reactions, and more.
  3. Quality Control: Quality control procedures are performed to ensure that manufactured products meet established standards and specifications.
  4. Packaging and Delivery: Products are packed according to set standards and delivered to customers or distributors.

These two stages are often coordinated to achieve a level of accuracy and quality, as well as economic efficiency. Effective cooperation with the customer, control of the consistent design and production process, as well as continuous improvement are the most important factors that determine the successful development of a system in the industry

Configuration and customization

High quality

Accurate testing processes