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Automation is an engineering discipline and technology designed to automate various functions, processes, or the operation of systems. It involves the use of various control systems, sensors, computers and software assistance to improve efficiency, reliability, accuracy and safety in various industrial, manufacturing sectors.

The main elements and concepts of automation include:

  1. Sensors: Devices that use sensors to measure certain parameters of a physical condition or process, such as temperature, pressure, speed or position.

  2. Control Systems: Electronic or software systems that receive data from sensors and make decisions or adjust actuators to maintain desired parameters or process conditions.

  3. Actuators: Devices that perform mechanical actions or change some state of a system, such as electric motors, valves, valve actuators, or pneumatics.

  4. Software: Specialized software that controls the automation system, allows you to set control algorithms, monitor processes and make decisions.

  5. Open-loop control: An automated process that continuously adjusts the state of the system based on the data returned by sensors, and can also make decisions and execute commands according to predefined rules.

Automation is applied in various sectors such as manufacturing - automatic control of production lines. This helps improve efficiency, reduce the impact of human error, and ensure high system reliability.

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